How to decide if a degree in computer science will lead you to the career you want

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I’m in my fourth year studying Computer Science (and Engineering 🤷‍♂️), and I’m certain this was the right move for me. But is a degree in Computer Science the right path for you? Is Computer Science a good major?

For me, the decision was all but obvious once I eliminated…

Reflect and correct often and early

A lack of self-awareness is poison. Reflection and review is the antidote.

-James Clear in Atomic Habits

What is a weekly review?

While the weekly review takes many forms, it originated with David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” system. He totes it as a time where an individual can

  • Get Clear
  • Get Current
  • Get Creative


Jeffery Morhous

Jeff is a Software Consultant specializing in iOS development. He enjoys making new things, fixing old things, and learning from everything.

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